Ideas and people live here. In a Loft house in the heart of the city, that stands out for authentic creativity and inspirational strategy.

The Creative Side of an Agency

full creative value

Ideas that touch people. They tell an original story and they are imprinted in their hearts and minds. Ideas with quality and unsurpassed values. They can be developed in all media. From the most classic to the most modern.

Great Ideas that create emotions

We are the loft creative house, a loft of ideation.We believe that everything starts with the idea. 

Ideas are not born of keyboards, but of people with rich emotional intelligence.We create ideas and emotions.

Be open to


for every project

We design the communication strategy and create tailored ideas.





Creative Experience

We have given names to new products. We have been thinking of slogans over time. We have designed logos, brochures and leaflets. We have written countless scripts for movies and radio spots. We have designed and implemented 360 campaigns, for some of the most popular Greek and international brands, products and services. This great experience is the biggest asset for the loft creative house and its customers.